How to Order

Dear Visitor,

  • We are pleased to inform you that we sell diamonds world wide through different courier services: EMS, Fed Ex, Brinks, Malca Amit, Ferrari etc. We have our customers all over the world. You may choose any courier service that you prefer
  • Since 1900, DP Group has been in the business of selling NATURAL DIAMONDS of remarkable beauty of its own.
  • However, we would also like you to know that we do not sell diamonds through net. We do not make any business transactions online.

If you are interested in buying our products:

  • You may kindly get in touch with us either through: Telephone, Fax or Email.
  • You will be required to buy products worth US$1000/- minimum
  • If you buy products from us ranging between US$1000/- to US$10,000/- then the courier / shipping shall be borne by the customer and not by us.
  • If you buy products from us above US$10,000/- then the shipping charges shall be borne by us.
  • Once the order is placed to us, we shall send you a Performa Invoice after which you may confirm your order by making full payment to us by Bank TT or Cash.
    Note: The Remittance details will be given in the Performa Invoice.
  • Once we receive the full payment we shall send the parcel through courier the next day through the courier service preferable to you.
  • The parcel shall reach your country custom office in 3 to 4 days